Medisafe delivers high rates of reported medication adherence now and beyond the first fill – no matter how complex the dosing.

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Proven adherence results

Medisafe conducted a retrospective study with IMS Health in which Medisafe users showed statistically significant increases in adherence versus a control group of non-users for 3 chronic conditions: Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension and Diabetes.

  • +8.4% boost for hypertension
  • +10% boost for diabetes
  • +19.5% boost for hyperlipidemia

Impact of Medisafe's "Medfriend" caregiver support feature


Users who improved their reported adherence after adding a Medfriend


Non-adherent users who became adherent after adding a Medfriend


Improvement of average reported adherence rate after adding a Medfriend


Medisafe will work with you to deliver actionable content and resources to the right patients at the right time. Examples include medication videos, patient assistance programs, telecare, and background information on the patient’s condition.

Co-own the patient experience

Medisafe creates a unique experience just for your patients to ease them through on-boarding, adding their meds, and tracking adherence – along with ways for you to reach them during the entire continuum of care lifecycle.

You can customize Medisafe’s entry and onboarding screens by:

  • Your company and product logos / imagery
  • Your brand colors
  • On-brand patient messaging

Reinforce your brand by tailoring your Medisafe version by color, logos, and much more.


Medisafe’s Updates section is seen, watched, and shared by thousands of patients daily

See how targeted, personalized content distribution in Medisafe’s Updates section gets results. The rules-based algorithm maximizes the effectiveness of your message with patients – in real-time.

Send the right messages to the right patients

Target only patients on a specific med

who is recently non-adherent

living in the U.S. and Germany



Hundreds of ways to segment and target your patients by:

  • Medication
  • Gender
  • Country
  • Language
  • Health measurements
  • App action
  • And many more…


Create your custom engagement plan using our content templates

  • Videos
  • Medication information
  • Educational content
  • Patient assistance programs
  • Telecare
  • Patient surveys
  • Market research

Tap Medisafe’s platform reach for your message


Doses managed and counting


Unique content engagements


Data points recorded


Get real-data data on patient behavioral trends so you can make informed, agile, and data-driven decisions.


Your dashboard can include insights such as:

  • Demographic overlays
  • Market trends
  • Medication switches
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Co-morbidities
  • Polypharmacy behavior
  • And much more…


Demographic overlays help decipher between user cohorts


Medication switches show surrounding context (e.g. other meds the patient is taking)

Some insights from our global platform

6 am

Hour with best adherence


Day with best reported adherence


City with highest reported adherence


Medisafe’s sole focus and core competency is building the best mobile platform possible to tackle non-adherence. We encourage you to work with us, an agnostic third party that consumers trust, that is the leader in the market, and that puts the utmost care and discipline in ensuring we’re fully compliant with established healthcare and consumer privacy regulations.


Solving non-adherence from every angle

  • platform

    Available on major platforms

  • api

    API integrations

  • watch

    Wearables and med devices

  • cloud

    Cloud infrastructure

  • wifibottle

    Connected pill bottle

  • care

    Continuum-of-care solution

Medisafe is a secure platform your patients can trust

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