Medicine can’t work when it’s not taken

Medication sitting unused in the cabinet doesn’t do any good – from the forgetful patient, to the pharmacist, to the prescribing physician, back to the pharma company that developed it. Medisafe is a complete continuum-of-care solution providing peace of mind to millions of users while helping to solve the $300 billion medication non-adherence problem.

  • For patients: When is my next pill? We get it. Everyone needs some encouragement to sustain a new behavior. Medisafe gets people started by educating them about their meds and condition, then keeps them going by sharing progress, offering helpful tips, and curating tailored prescription coupons and special offers. Explore all features
  • For physicians: How is my patient doing? Physicians can simply invite their patients to connect through Medisafe and adherence info as well as other health data is automatically brought into their dashboard. Join Medisafe Providers
  • For partners: How can I reach my customers? Medisafe goes way beyond the pill. We work with pharma, payors and others who share our passion for creating better patient outcomes through increased adherence. Learn how

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Our approach to solving non-adherence sits squarely in the middle of the Healthcare Triple Aim Triangle.

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Patient Experience Medisafe empowers people to take control of their health and provides peace-of-mind through a personalized, interactive experience that saves time, frustration and money.

Population Health Medisafe has logged billions of data points related to adherence that provides detailed insights into disease state, demographics, and more.

Controlling Costs Medisafe helps partners manage risk and improve outcomes with real-time data on patient adherence patterns.

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Medisafe's Impact on Adherence

Medisafe users with hypertension and hyperlipidemia have significantly higher medication persistence than a matched control group.






Reduction in systolic blood pressure for Stage 2 hypertensive users


Adherence improvement for users who add a Medisafe caregiver


of Stage 2 hypertensive Medisafe users reduced their risk category to Stage 1 or below

Research highlights

Medisafe delivers high rates of adherence now and beyond the first fill - no matter how complex the dosing. We can prove it.

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