Cindy Shares Her Medisafe Story

This app is a must have for me! It has truly improved the quality of my life. I do not forget to take my blood pressure medicine now, and due to my neuropathy I have many other medications to take and vitamins. Because I always have my phone with me, I never miss a dose, which is crucial to the quality of my life. I never could use those pill boxes because I hated filling them every week.

With this app I am also able to keep up with my doctors and appointments, my measurement such as BP, pain level, and weight. I can keep track of things and I can even email information to my doctor. It gives me helpful articles and information related to my health or medications I’m taking. It is almost like having a doctor’s assistant in my pocket! I absolutely love this app and would recommend it to anybody, even if they are not taking medicines, to keep track of their health.

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